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  • Text Advertising Works

    Posted on May 26th, 2009 admin No comments

    No matter what you are promoting online, text ad exchanges offer you some of the most responsive traffic you can find for free or low cost. From sending solo ads to the members to the promo codes, the text ad exchanges are the hot ticket to any Internet marketer.

    If you need more subscribers to you list, use a text ad exchange. Want more sales, use a text ad exchange. Most affiliate programs give their affiliate marketers several 468 x 60 banners to use for promoting the program. Text ad exchanges offer the most bang for the buck. You can submit several different banners and start new campaigns for each one usually with 1000’s of impressions for each one.

    In the manual traffic exchange industry one of the most desirable ad spots is the log in ad or page of the week. These offer the advertiser extreme exposure because each member of each service will see the ad when they log into their account. This feature is a normal feature of most of the text ad exchanges on the Internet today.

    If you are looking to increase your advertising without breaking the bank, the text ad exchange is the ticket to your success.

    Log in today and send your ads out and get the exposure you need to make money online. Superb Text Advertising is your top notch text ad exchange and always ready to give you the advertiser the tools and the results you’re looking for.

  • Superb Text Advertising Important Member Notice!

    Posted on May 7th, 2009 admin No comments

    This is an important message for all Superb Text Advertising members to let you know there are three new banners and one new promotional email available in your Tools and Stats section in your members area.

    These are perfect for use on all text ad exchanges, manual traffic exchanges, credit safe lists mailers, your website and blog. Two are in the standard 468 x 60 format and one is the button type banner in the 125 x 125 format.

    If you want to know how to make these types of
    banners yourself, members can send a support ticket and I
    will direct you to the download link.

    JS- Admin

  • How to Format Your Login Ads On text Ad Exchanges.

    Posted on May 6th, 2009 admin No comments

    Proper Formatting Of Your Login Ads Will Increase Clicks!

    As the admin of Superb Text Advertising it is my job to
    approve all the ads submitted and one type of ad I approve
    is the login ad.  The login ad is a showcase for your best
    offer and it very effective if it is properly formatted so
    I wanted to address this today in this post so you can
    create better login ads and increase your click through ratio

    First thing to do is to log in to your members area at
    Superb Text Advertising.  Once you’re in, click on the
    Advertising button from the menu on the left.

    The advertising page is an important part of your daily
    marketing and once you understand how to place your ads
    here, you will find it is similar at the other text ad
    exchanges you may currently be a member of.

    On the advertising page you can redeem Promo Code for
    additional advertising on the exchange.  You can purchase
    points or addtional exposure using any of the methods
    we offer.

    To place your login ad scroll to the bottom of the
    advertising page.  There you will see red text that
    may read:

    You have 4 login ad(s) to add. Click here to set these up now.

    Follow the direction and click the “click here” link.  This will
    take you to the HTML editor where you can create and place your
    login ad.

    The subject line is the most important part of your ad so
    be sure to craft it well.  You enter your subject which is
    your headline of the ad in the subject box above the editor

    Now here is where some people get mixed up as to how to
    place html code or to make the links clickable and I am
    here to tell you a little secret that will make your life
    a little easier.

    If you have a good image like the 600 x 300 images the
    text ad exchanges use, you simply copy the full code for
    that banner image, which includes your referral link already
    in most cases, and past it into the editor.

    However, you don’t paste it into the WYSIWYG window.  NO!

    Instead, you click the little button on the editor that
    says HTML next to the A in the editors toolbar.  When you
    Click that button it will open a new window with an open
    blank space.  This is where you paste your banner image
    code! Once you have pasted it in, click the update button
    on the lower left hand corner and you’re done. You should
    be able to see the image in the editors WYSIWYG window.
    if you do, congradulations you did it!  Click the button
    to save your ad and that’s it.  You have placed your login

    What if you don’t have an appropriate image to use?

    You can get very creative with the editor using just
    text.  You can change fonts, font size, colo and background
    color of the text. You can add a table and more.  Take
    a few minutes to experiment with each of the buttons and
    soon you will be an expert.

    A word about your links!

    When you want to add your link, you also want to make it
    clickable and most importantly you want it to open in a
    new window.  I see links that are not clickable, they don’t
    open in new windows and in many cases the link leads
    to an error or page not found.  Always check your links
    in the framebreaker tool and be sure the link opens
    the correct page before you post your ad.  This will
    help get your ads approval expidited without delays.

    Overall, login ads are a highly effective method of
    getting new sign ups, and making new sales. I hope
    this short instructions helps you get more from
    your advertising on the text ad exchanges you’re using
    like Superb Text Advertising.

    I invite your comments.

    JS – Admin.

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