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  • How To Place A Login Ad Using HTML

    Posted on March 31st, 2010 admin No comments

    Free How To Guide In PDF Format.

    Easy Login Ads Using HTML.

    It seems many marketers have a hard time creating fast loading professional HTML login ads.  They either attempt to write a full web page which is not appropriate or they just stick an image link and that’s it.  It really isn’t so difficult to make a great looking ad so I decided to create a free how to guide in PDF, including many screen shots so you can will have all the steps from start to finish.

    Download The Free Custom HTML Login Ad Templates

    Download The Free Custom HTML Login Ad Templates

    Click the image above to get the 3 custom HTML login ad templates.  The zip file contains the free PDF how to guide and a bonus PDF file called HotWords.pdf.  I show you exactly how to use the templates including step by step screen shots of where to click, where to paste, how to open your link in a new window, everything you need to create professional HTML login ads.

    Each of the three (3) templates are in plain text format so you can easily copy and paste the one you wish to use into the HTML editor when posting your login ad.  Once you have the template inserted into the editor you will see how it will look, but more importantly,  each template is designed to help you add the title, bullet points, and everything else you need for your ad.

    I highly recommend you try all three templates by creating three separate ads to see how they look.

    One thing to remember is not to try to create a web page with these templates.  Your ad should not be any bigger than 600 x 300 pixels in size.  Remember that members logging into their accounts are there to get work done and not read a long winded sales pitch.  Sell the click through and be sure to send them to a lead capture page.  Branding yourself and building your list is the most important job you have.  Once you have them on your list you can send your link to the long winded sales page with the video and audio on it. 🙂

    Joe Sansoucie – Admin

  • How To Build Your List With Text Ad Exchanges

    Posted on March 11th, 2010 admin No comments

    It is vital that you use any traffic resource to do only two things…

    1. Brand Yourself
    2. Build Your List.

    Manual traffic exchanges, safelists, and text ad exchanges are excellent sources for affordable advertising and work extremely well…. IF!

    If you only use them to brand yourself and build your prospect list. If you are promoting a standard affiliate or referral link stop now! You are wasting your time and effort if you are doing this.

    You must only use a lead capture page that also Brands yourself. Your photo and your lead capture form are all you need in your marketing.

    Take a look at this page to see what I mean. As you can see it is very quick loading, is NOT selling anything, offers incentive to get on the list and brands me. This is all you need when you use text ad exchanges or any traffic resource.

    Once you have people on your list that is the place to promote your primary business or favorite affiliate program. The autoresponder is your sales funnel and it is very effective!

    So if you are still using a standard affiliate link in the text ad exchanges, I highly recommend you only use a branded capture page only! This will bring you much better results.

  • The Text Ad Exchange One Time Offer or O.T.O.

    Posted on August 20th, 2009 admin 1 comment

    Almost every text ad exchange, Superb Text Advertising included,
    offers new members one chance to get the best price on the premium
    advertising available on the exchange. In many cases the price is
    lower than the price of upgrading in the members area. In other cases
    the price is the same however the admin may offer you increased bonuses
    in the way of extra credits, more solo ads, increased commissions,
    log in ads with increased impressions, banners, and text links and more.

    The text ad exchange O.T.O. question you need to ask yourself is this.

    Are you serious about your online business? Serious Internet marketers
    are always on the look out for the best bargain for their advertising
    budget. If you have a free mentality about your business you will wind up with less advertising for your business. Free members rarely earn big commissions, rarely have enough premium advertising and must click for credits, often for days to get their ads out. usually you won’t be able to send your ads out daily, but every few days instead. This is a not smart if you want consistant marketing and advertising. Serious marketers want their
    ads in the traffic flow hourly!

    The text ad exchange is a powerful marketing machine.

    When you use a text ad exchange in your marketing and advertising you are
    using a powerful ad machine designed for only one purpose. To bring guaranteed visitors to your business. Without a constant flow of traffic
    your business will fail to produce the results you’re looking for. If you
    have the option to take the one time offer, if your budget allows, take it!
    You will have the benefit of the best advertising features that exchange
    has to offer. Superb Text Advertising offers a lifetime pro membership
    for only a one time fee of $37.00 if you upgrade from inside the members
    area. The one time offer is a better bargain and will give you a lot more
    advertising you can use to get more people to your offers. Text ad exchanges are a great source of guaranteed traffic. Login daily!

  • Text Ad Exchanges and AutoResponders

    Posted on July 11th, 2009 admin No comments

    Today I just wanted to share with you a great video by Chase Swift who is a great network marketer and creates excellent videos.  He also holds webanars each week for TrafficWave affiliates which includes the how and why to using this great autoresponder.  In fact it’s the only autoresponder that pays on ten levels and with real paper checks you can take to the bank!  Trafficwave not only offers unlimited autoresponders but each one offers unlimited list sizes easily making TrafficWave the king of autoresponders.  Not to mention the fact they offer unlimited trackers, and a reminder service all for the price of only $17.95 per month.  TrafficWave has paid their affiliate members over one million dollars in commissions too which cements their place as the king of Autoresponders.

    As Text ad exchange members we have many ways to get our ads out and to drive traffic to our online business, but if you’re not using an autoresponder to build a targeted list you may be wasting your time, effort and in many cases your money too.  If you aren’t tracking your ads you are not seeing the real picture and you may be missing the mark when it comes to creating your income.  Using TrafficWave’s tracker you can track the solo ads, banner ads,  your daily HTML and text ad posts, the traffic links and log in ads.  I could on and on about the importance of tracking but suffice to say, if you’re not tracking you are losing money daily.  Why not plug into this proven, trusted and profitiable autoresponder , TrafficWave.  Watch the video below and listen to Chase explain why TrafficWave is just a no brainer when it comes to deciding on which autoresponder to use for your business.

    As always your comments are welcome.

    Join my TrafficWave team today and I will give you real time support and help you setup your autoresponder and show you which buttons to press, which links to click and help you succeed.

    Isn’t it time you earn an income like a real human being?

    Joe Sansoucie
    Superb Text Advertising

  • How to Format Your Login Ads On text Ad Exchanges.

    Posted on May 6th, 2009 admin No comments

    Proper Formatting Of Your Login Ads Will Increase Clicks!

    As the admin of Superb Text Advertising it is my job to
    approve all the ads submitted and one type of ad I approve
    is the login ad.  The login ad is a showcase for your best
    offer and it very effective if it is properly formatted so
    I wanted to address this today in this post so you can
    create better login ads and increase your click through ratio

    First thing to do is to log in to your members area at
    Superb Text Advertising.  Once you’re in, click on the
    Advertising button from the menu on the left.

    The advertising page is an important part of your daily
    marketing and once you understand how to place your ads
    here, you will find it is similar at the other text ad
    exchanges you may currently be a member of.

    On the advertising page you can redeem Promo Code for
    additional advertising on the exchange.  You can purchase
    points or addtional exposure using any of the methods
    we offer.

    To place your login ad scroll to the bottom of the
    advertising page.  There you will see red text that
    may read:

    You have 4 login ad(s) to add. Click here to set these up now.

    Follow the direction and click the “click here” link.  This will
    take you to the HTML editor where you can create and place your
    login ad.

    The subject line is the most important part of your ad so
    be sure to craft it well.  You enter your subject which is
    your headline of the ad in the subject box above the editor

    Now here is where some people get mixed up as to how to
    place html code or to make the links clickable and I am
    here to tell you a little secret that will make your life
    a little easier.

    If you have a good image like the 600 x 300 images the
    text ad exchanges use, you simply copy the full code for
    that banner image, which includes your referral link already
    in most cases, and past it into the editor.

    However, you don’t paste it into the WYSIWYG window.  NO!

    Instead, you click the little button on the editor that
    says HTML next to the A in the editors toolbar.  When you
    Click that button it will open a new window with an open
    blank space.  This is where you paste your banner image
    code! Once you have pasted it in, click the update button
    on the lower left hand corner and you’re done. You should
    be able to see the image in the editors WYSIWYG window.
    if you do, congradulations you did it!  Click the button
    to save your ad and that’s it.  You have placed your login

    What if you don’t have an appropriate image to use?

    You can get very creative with the editor using just
    text.  You can change fonts, font size, colo and background
    color of the text. You can add a table and more.  Take
    a few minutes to experiment with each of the buttons and
    soon you will be an expert.

    A word about your links!

    When you want to add your link, you also want to make it
    clickable and most importantly you want it to open in a
    new window.  I see links that are not clickable, they don’t
    open in new windows and in many cases the link leads
    to an error or page not found.  Always check your links
    in the framebreaker tool and be sure the link opens
    the correct page before you post your ad.  This will
    help get your ads approval expidited without delays.

    Overall, login ads are a highly effective method of
    getting new sign ups, and making new sales. I hope
    this short instructions helps you get more from
    your advertising on the text ad exchanges you’re using
    like Superb Text Advertising.

    I invite your comments.

    JS – Admin.

  • Question: “So do I just paste the picture in?”

    Posted on April 21st, 2009 admin No comments

    I received an email today from someone asking a question regarding the HTML editor.


    > Thanks for your reply.  The html editor does not provide
    > a “picture” or “image” icon.  Just a link icon.  So do I
    > just paste the picture in?  Will that make its way though
    > to my email ad and out to the customer in tact?
    > Thanks

    The HTML editor is a simple hybrid WYSIWYG editor and HTML text editor all rolled into one.

    If you want to just create simple text ads, you don’t even need to use the formating tools which available to you. You can simply paste your plain text ad into the box, check the save ad box, and click Post HTML button to post your ad to the members.  However, you can also get very creative with it by creating tables, bullet lists, Big bold headlines and even create hyper links to your website that open in a new window in your ad.  You can achieve some amazing results from using the little HTML editors but how do you get the picture in there when there is no image or picture button provided?  While it takes longer to explain how to do it than to perform the task I will try to explain it here for anyone to gain knowledge from.

    How to add an image to your HTML ad.

    Whenever I have a chance to post an HTML ad or log in ad, I use the 600 x 300 banner image because it fits just right on the page when the member is surfing the HTML ads.  It also looks just right when used as a log in ad because of the space allowed for the ad.  If your banner image is crafted well and provides good conversion, you could get a lot of new clients for your business to make more money.

    So let’s take a look at the simple steps you take to add the banner to your HTML ad.  Keep in mind once you get this down, you will be able to post very quickly using the editors found in text ad exchanges.  First take a look at the editor. Above the editor you will find the URL box.  This is where your affiliate link or link to your web domain or blog goes.  This is the link the person viewing HTML ads will click to visit your site while earning points.

    The steps to add the banner to your HTML ad:

    • Log in to your Superb Text Advertising account.
    • From the menu on the left select post HTML ad.
    • Enter your URL after checking it with the frame breaker test.
    • Proceed to enter your URL into the form field above the editor.
    • Copy the image tag that contains your referral banner so you can add it here.
    • In the editor toolbar select the HTML button.
    • A new window will open with a blank page.  Paste the image HTML tag here.
    • Click the update button at the lower left corner.
    • Your banner should now be visible in the HTML editor window.
    • Check the box to save your ad.
    • Click the Post HTML ad button now.

    That’s it!  You just posted your HTML ad.

    This also applies to log in ads and yes solo ads as well.

    Why does this work?

    The secret to the reason why it works is not a secret but simple HTML.

    The code for any website to show a banner or image or the family dog is the same no matter what.  You use a small snippet of HTML code to call the image into the browser.  That code looks like this.

    <img src=””>

    Not much to look at but it is very powerful when you add the banner or image link to the tag or code like this.

    <img src=”http://www.yourbannerimagelinkhere.gif”>

    You will want to replace the example link with the real link from the program you are promoting.  To find the banner images in the text ad exchanges click on tools and stats button.

    As you can see this is very quick and easy to do and every text ad exchange offers these little editors.  Some have more features while others offer less.   Either way, you as an advertiser don’t really have to know much about HTML to get the results you’re looking for.  As the admin of our text ad exchanges we provide the banners, the simple HTML code you need and write the emails for you to use so you don’t have to.

    Where do I find the HTML code I need for my ads?

    Log in to your favorite text ad exchange and click on Tools and Stats.  This will take you to where the banners are.  Scroll down if you need to in order to find the code for the 600 x 300 banner image.  You will see the image tag and it will be surrounded by another tag. This is the hyperlink tag which is wrapped around the image tag in order to make the image click able.  You only need the image part of the code.  So you carefully copy only from <img  to this character > and stop highlighting right there.  Now copy.  Now paste it immediately into a blank notepad.  Now you’re ready to post it in all the HTML editors you will find in the text ad exchanges you belong to.

    So here is what the code will look like before you copy the image tag out of it.

    <a href=”your referral link”><img src=”your banner image link “></a>

    The highlighted part is the section you will want to copy and use in your HTML ads.  This is not to say you won’t need your basic referral link, you will, but not to post the HTML ads, because you enter the link above the HTML editor.  Don’t worry, if it’s not quite clear.  Go use it and familiarize yourself with the editor by posting your ads.  If the ad you post doesn’t look right simply make the changes by editing it until you like it.  Don’t rush this, a well crafted email or HTML ad, or log in advertising are very powerful so put your best offer forward.

    I hope you have enjoyed today’s tip, as always I invite your comments.

    Give a tweet!

    JS – Admin

  • Promo Code Madness Causes Loss Of NINE Text Ad Exchanges!

    Posted on April 12th, 2009 admin No comments

    Are We The Victim Or The Cause Of The Loss Of Nine Text Ad Exchanges?

    In one day the text ad exchange industry has lost not one or two but nine text ad exchange at one time, some of which were very popular amoung Internet marketers and web business owners who make their living off the marketing power these types of sites provide. However recently we have also seen a tidal wave of Promo Codes being litterly thrown to the marketers who absolutely gobbled it up which could have led to the loss of the nine text ad exchanges this week. The desire for getting all the free advertising these promo codes offered was too hard to pass up. The codes provided were not dishing out samples of the services these sites provides, these codes often offered free pro upgrades and give the members enough advertising to promote forever on the exchanges.

    It’s Madness! – Promo codes are meant to be used as a way of an exchange owner to allow advertisers to sample the different advertising methods each exchange offers before deciding to pay the money for the lifetime membership upgrade or purchase advertising from the site. Lately, thousands of dollars in advertising was just thrown into hyperspace by many admins for all to use creating a frenzy of text ad exchange program hopping. Program or promo Hopping is when members hop from one promo code offer to another never really staying long enough in one exchange to take the time to set their accounts up completely.

    In many cases people have been known to forget how many or which text ad exchanges they joined in one day, but they remember getting all the promo codes.  The question is whether there was any advertising actually set into the traffic flow these sites who were offering the promo codes?  Did we really just use the service or did we just “Use” the service to get all the free stuff we could?

    If you’re currently an active member of the exchanges your belong to, thank you.  As an admin and for all the admins, I want to thank you because without your support and generosity,  good admins of sites like the nine lost today get only one thing for their generosity.

    They go out of business.

    As always I invite your comments,

    JS – Admin

  • Superb Text Advertising Delivers Results!

    Posted on April 10th, 2009 admin No comments

    Superb Text Advertising Delivers Results For Online Marketers.

    If you are looking for the best free and low cost advertising online look no farther than your favorite text ad exchange.  These sites are powerhouses because of the many ways you can use the exchange to get more traffic.  Traffic is delivered in many forms such as solo ads which go out to all members who have opted in to the list by becoming a member of the exchange. Banner advertising is highly effective and you can get thousands of impressions with just a little effort or you can trade points for advertising, even purchase credits if you need them.  As a member you can post plain text ads which are like classified ads, plus you can post HTML ads which can be created to really stand out on the page drawing the visitors eyes to your offer.  On top of that most text ad exchanges offer login ads which if you are familiar with the manual traffic exchanges, the login ad is a desirable place to showcase your business.  Login ads get thousands even hundreds of thousands of hits in one week.  Text ad exchanges delivers this performance based advertising daily to all members who wish to use it.

    Members View Your Advertising Delivering Targeted Traffic.

    What this editor finds really interesting is the fact that this type of advertising brings a great
    conversion rate.  In my testing I have found that text ad exchanges deliver so much traffic
    that you can’t miss if your offer is good. Getting five sign ups in one day proved the traffic
    was valuable and brought real prospects to my business.  Now that Superb Text Advertising
    has launched advertisers can get great deals on points, banners, solos, text links and login ads.
    Join free and get superb traffic delivered to your business today.

    Feel free to register and leave a comment on this article.

  • Superb Text Advertising Launches April 5th 2009

    Posted on April 2nd, 2009 admin No comments

    Join Us When Superb Text Advertising Launches April 5th 2009.

    The grand opening of Superb Text Advertising text ad exchange will take place Sunday April 5th 2009.  The text ad exchange will be offering many different forms of online advertising to help Internet marketers drive targeted visitors to their business offers.  Affiliate marketers already familiar with  manual traffic exchanges, safelist credit mailers and banner exchanges will easily adopt this new form of marketing into their routine.  Don’t worry if you have never use a text ad exchange before because Superb text advertising is very easy for anyone to use!  We know you will  get more people to your site due to the high conversion rates and low cost advertising available.  Superb Text Advertising gives you the best Internet marketing available no matter what your budget is – even FREE!

    Superb Text Advertising Exchange Delivers PowerHouse Marketing.

    Listing of services:

    • Solo Advertisements To All Members.
    • Manual Surf Traffic Links.
    • Manual Surf Text Ads.
    • Manual Surf HTML Ads.
    • Navigation Links.
    • Login Ads.

    Superb Text Advertising Members Benefits.

    Membership features.

    • Complete advertising system.
    • Viral link cloaker.
    • Business referral builder.
    • Email your referrals.

    Pro Membership Includes:

    • 10000 points when you  join
    • 30 points for every ad read.
    • 500 points for every solo ad click.
    • 2500 points for every referral.
    • Post 7 times a day.
    • $12.50 for every paid referral.
    • Price: $37.00 Lifetime Membership.
    • Only pro members receive promo codes!

    Take Superb Text Advertising For A Test Drive Today Free!

    • 1000 points when your join.
    • 10 points for every ad read.
    • 250 points for every solo ad click.
    • 1250 points for every referral.
    • Post 2 time(s) a day.
    • $4.00 for every paid referral.
    • Price: FREE!

    Why Not Create Your Superb Text Advertising Account Today!

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