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Customer Testimonies.

Hello Joe,

I just had to take some time out of my day to share how much I appreciate you and your text ad exchange.

Your exchange is my absolute favorite and I've tried quite a few. You give the best rewards for activity. And your one time offer price for a lifetime membership is a great bargain. You have a nice membership now but I'm sure that is growing daily. A year from now this will for sure be some of the best advertising money I've spent.

Your level of support has been 'superb' and I appreciate all the time you have taken with me and my team teaching us how to use text ad exchanges and get the most from them.

I appreciate you and all you do!


Sherri Kirklin
Internet Marketer and Coach

Joe Sansoucie, with his soft yet authoritative voice, has spent more
one-on-one time helping me set up and learn to use TrafficWave and how to use Superb Text Advertising than any coach I have ever worked with.

His positive attitude encourages all of his team members to excellence. I especially appreciate Joe's tips on shortcuts I didn't know I had in my computer. He deeply believes in the product, and genuinely wants to help his individual team members make some real money.

I wholeheartedly recommend Joe as a sponsor, and I couldn't do without TrafficWave. It's a genuine winning combination!

Marilyn Singer

(Subject) The Man Who Was Saved From Drowning.

I was drowning in the sea of internet Business Opportunity's
Than one day Joe threw me a life ring ( saving me from the Sharks on my PC )

In two weeks Joe has helped & taught me more about AutoResponders, Text Ad Exchanges, advertising on the Web & many other PC Tips.
He has given me the confidence to know that it can be done if you just focus on one or two things at a time, instead of jumping from program to program
TrafficWave AutoResponder is one you should focus on & it can also help you in your main program.

Thanks Joe & Chase ( who Hosts some great Webinars )
Darrell Branson

Joe Sansoucie is one of the very best mentor/trainers I have ever come accross. He answered all of my questions, and gave me comprehensive, interactive training on the TrafficWave system.
I am wholly confident of my success and feel priveledged to be on his team. Thank-you so much Joe.

Kenny Underhill

Joe Sansoucie and the Superb Text Advertising website.

Well the site and service on his site speaks for it self, there is nothing better and more well maintained then his dedication to his website, but if there is anything I could say about Joe, is his constant work with his fellow man has been exceptional.

He will help anyone, that comes to him and ask, and his knowledge for all things computer and network marketing is superb, and his soft spoken manor gives him the patients too handle any challenge. Joe is making his mark on the world one person at a time. And all that is Superb to me.

Ralph Serrano
Online Network Marketer.

Two words for Mr. Joe Sansoucie...Superb Training! I joined Superb Text Advertising one day and he was willing to train with me the next. That quickly, no hassle, no wait just a willingness to help. In your quest for online success you will rarely come across someone so willing to help you succeed. Join Today! Start earning Today! Thanks Joe.

David Hanscom


Great Webinar, tonight Wednesday-- 12-23-2009. Just like your Website: Superb Text Advertising , you really know your Internet Marketing.

I have learned so much from you in your Webinar room. My team has told me that if it wasn't for you, they wouldn't have gone as far as they have in their online businesses.

I thank you for all you have done for me and my team. Look forward to our next meeting.

Yours in success,

Bob Santero

Hi Joe,

I just HAD to write to let you know how much I LOVE Superb Text Advertising for so many reasons!

I have never found any other that gives such high credits for a one-time LIFETIME fee! I never run out of advertising power here! Just when I think it's the best, you add more cool features, like desktop advertising!

But over and above all the features, you have taken your own precious time and taught me how to market, and even spent hours helping me make sure my computer had no viruses so that it runs like a well-oiled, money-making machine!

No other admin ever offered THAT! You go way beyond this as a business. You build genuine relationships and are always there to help when it's needed.

Superb Text Advertising will always be on the TOP of my list! It's a real pleasure working with you and I will be promoting Superb continually.

Thanks for all you do,

Loretta Helson

Joe Sansoucie is simply one of the best internet marketers I know. His knowledge and skill come from years of personal experience and he loves to share what works to anyone and everyone. I did not know what a text ad exchange was before meeting Joe, but after hours of his training, week after week, I know that they are great advertising sites and Superb Text Advertising is just like the name, "Superb"!

When you add up all the training support, which is priceless, the minimal cost to be a Pro Member, the rewards like 50% commissions, Joe Sansoucie and Superb Text Advertising is, as I like to say, "A No-Brainer"!

Chase Swift
TrafficWave for Profit

Hi Joe - Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks and appreciation.

 It's people like you and resources like Superb Text Advertising that make this industry great! Your dedication to the constant improvement of Superb is incredible and your training? WOW! The best I've ever seen in real time!Â

Keep doing what you are doing man... Superb Rocks!

Rex Harris